Why Shikharji?

Siddhayatan is strategically planned at the beautiful and verdant Sammed Shikharji, whose salubrious and spiritual environment makes it ideal for a world class spiritual resort.

Located in the Giridih district of Jharkhand, India, Sammed Shikharji is known for the holy Parasnath Hill, a major Jain pilgrimage destination and the most sacred place for the Jains in the world.

After extensive research and discussion with people, Lord Parshvanath Foundation realised that Sammed Shikharji is an ideal location for a charitable spiritual resort as the importance of the place plays a crucial part in structuring the transitions between one stage of the life and the next and defining maturity and fulfilment in the lives of the people.

Religious Significance

The divinity of Sammed Shikharji arises from the fact that 20 out of the 24 Tirthankars and billions of Munis, Sadhus, Shravaks of Jainism have taken Moksha from the Holy Parasnath Hill. People looking for spiritual enlightenment and tranquillity often wish to make Shikharji their permanent home.

Here, Siddhayatan acts as a catalyst by providing safe, independent joyful and age-proof living to its residents in the midst of the holy environment.


Sammed Shikharji is easily accessible from nearby towns and cities through arterial routes.

Nearest Airports

Kolkata: Approx 335 Km
Ranchi: Approx 190 Km
Durgapur: Approx 170 Km

Nearest Railway Station

Parasnath Station at Isri


Dhanbad : Approx 75 km
Giridih : Approx 25 km


Far from the fast and chaotic lives of the cities, Sammed Shikharji has a calm and serene atmosphere that acts as a supportive factor to boost the spiritual quest within a person. The pollution free environment, the gathering of likeminded people and living in the midst of divinity develops a new social life for the residents, this in stark contrast to the existing self centred and isolated life style in cities and towns.

Siddhayatan acts as a means of extending your family while deeply holding close your loved ones. The strategic location of Siddhayatan is such that all visitors to Sammed Shikharji must pass it to reach their destination and thus can visit the residents staying at Siddhayatan without any detour or encumbrance.

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